Friday, August 11, 2006

Your favorite appliance?

I am really a big fan of my kitchenaid. We have a history. I bought her (yes, I did say HER) at an estate sale for 45$. She was in pretty bad shape. But I had always dreamed of having a kitchenaid, and here was one, soon to be homeless. As I sifted through the kitchen of an dead old lady I never knew (that's always a bit creepy you know) my eyes kept darting back to her, she was calling me. So I picked her up (no easy task) and took her home. Once home, Paul took one look at her and questioned whether or not to ever send me out garage saling on my own again. She really was in a sorry state. I took a toothbrush to her. And some bleach. I scraped and scrubbed. She looked like new.
I don't remember what our first meal together was, but it was a disaster. I soon found out that she only had one speed: really fast. I had to take her to the appliance shop to have her fixed, setting me back 90$, more than I had originally paid for her. I didn't mind, by this time we had bonded, like only an appliance and her girl could.
For me it's one of those appliances I couldn't imagine my kitchen without. I use her at least three or four times a week.
So, what's your favorite kitchen appliance?


Lunde said...

I too love my kitchen aid. we bought it with wedding money. my poor husband didn't understand the necessity then, but he does now. in fact, it was his idea to add the blender to our kitchen aid family. my current favorite appliance is my george foreman grill. i am on my fourth one--two have been replaced under salton's wonderful warrantee, one was replaced by my lovely sister for Christmas when i let the warrantee run out before i called the company. anyway, i have grilled chicken, made really yummy philly cheesesteak inspired paninis, cooked up hamburgers, grilled sliced walla walla sweet onions, and warmed buns. and that was all this week! i'm planning on using it to do some more chicken for chicken saled in a little bit.

Aunt Jenny said...

My kitchen aid mixer is EXACTLY like yours. I got it for Christmas in 1987 and I use it nearly every day. I can't imagine life without it either. I am really not much of a gadget person..or small appliances either..but I love that mixer!

LJRphoto said...

My Kitchenaide is also my favorite appliance. There is nothing it can't do. One of these days I'm going to splurge on the ice cream maker attachment.