Tuesday, April 21, 2009


With the warmer weather comes more opportunities to break out the grill. We were in the mood for a nice juicy burgers yesterday so here is the recipe I use. It is very simple, but turned out yummy:

Ground Beef
1/2-1 packet onion soup mix (I buy onion soup mix in bulk and add about 2-3 T. per pounds of meat)
a couple shakes steak sauce (per pound of meat)

Mix it all together with your hands and form into nice big patties. Sprinkle with salt. Have your husband grill them to perfection and eat them outside with you favorite toppings. We love grilled onions and avocado!

What is your best basic burger recipe?? I'm curious.


Andee said...

This recipe is not exactly basic, but they were so good! For each burger you need 1/2 lb beef. Combine beef with 1TBS Dijon mustard and 1 TBS wostishire sauce. Form into 2 1/4lb patties. top one patty with 2 TBS Gorgonzola and 1 TBS crumbled, cooked bacon. Place the other patty on top and seal the edges. Then cook it. On the side, slice an apple into thin rings. Grill them along with the burgers. Top the burger with apple, red onions and more gorgonzola. Soooo gooood. (we fed the kids hot dogs)

Aly sun said...

I love grilled hamburgers. In fact, I had a left over grilled hamburger at 10pm last night because I can't get enough.

I sprinkle the meat with: garlic salt, wirst, seasoning salt, pepper. Grill on ridiculous BBQ that has 12" flames on one side and none on the other... save pennies to buy hubby a new one for father's day.