Saturday, February 14, 2009


Yesterday I woke up thinking, "I must have granola!" Unfortunately I didn't have any granola, so I ate Cheerios and spent the day finding a recipe and going grocery shopping. Granola isn't a quick to make (takes about an hour in the oven), but it is great to have on hand for nutritious breakfasts and snacks. This recipe has wheat germ, flax meal, sunflower seeds, slivered almonds, a little sugar and honey. The smell in the house last night was intoxicating and it was everything I hoped for when I ate it for break fast this morning. I'd love to see other recipes, so please share if you have a favorite granola recipe.


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Lindsay said...

mmmm...I'm off to try this recipe being as my tub of granola is just about out. Here is the link to the latest recipe I tried. It is very flexible and allows you to add different ingredients to suit your taste. It also includes the wheat germ and flax seed which I like.