Friday, August 15, 2008

Dragon Steak Sandwiches

Actually, the recipe is called Marlboro Man's Favorite Sandwich, and I hijacked it from Pioneer Woman. My husband is automatically inclined to dislike anything that is someone else's favorite, so it was with much coercion that I finally got him to try this sandwich. But there is something irresistible to a man about the combination of beef, onions, Worcestershire and Tabasco. I've made it a couple of times now and I keep getting the same reaction: "Oh! It's so good! Yum! Pass the hot sauce. Quit calling it Marlboro Man's sandwich. It just sounds wrong."
So we had to rename it in order to keep it on the menu. Steak and Onion sandwich seemed so boring. Then along came Soren with the answer to our delima. Soren is the 4-year-old son of a friend of ours. While preparing this particular meal one afternoon during a recent camping trip, I overheard this conversation between Soren and another adult in the group:
S: You don't kill loving dragons. Only the mean ones.
A: What happens when you kill a mean dragon?
S: They turn into dragon steak.
A: Dragon steak? Is that good?
S: No. It's spicy because dragons have fire in their mouths.
A: You don't like spicy dragon steak?
S: No. I don't like dragon steak. It's too spicy. Uncle Paul* likes it!
*Uncle Paul is my husband. His fondness for things that scorch the mouths of the average person is apparently legendary.
Thus Marlboro Man's Favorite Sandwich/Steak and Onion sandwich was re-named yet again, the Dragon Steak Sandwich.
The beauty of this recipe is that it can be adjusted to your own spicy (or not) preference. I make it to my taste, which is very mild, and serve it to my husband with a bottle of Tabasco. It's also super easy, and you can make the filling and freeze it. Just add a little water when you defrost it so it stays nice and saucy. Enjoy!
Dragon Steak Sandwiches (as it appears on the Pioneer Woman's blog)

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Aly sun said...

I have yet to try this. You've inspired me. For some reason, my husband also has a problem with Marlboro Man. Good thing you renamed it.