Friday, October 06, 2006

OK - another update

My husband hates the cookies, mainly because he describes them as being cakey in texture. But everyone here at work loves them. I brought another plate today (the ones I left at home for Paul) and they were gone by 10am. So, love em or hate em. My husband is rather picky when it comes to desserts.


Alysun said...

I better pass on this recipe since Jeff is also picky about his desserts (last night the vanilla with chocolate swirl ice cream was "too sweet" for him). The only things I ever made that Jeff said was "gross" involved pumpkin. It was a pumpkin bread pudding -- truely, it was gross.
I love this blog!

C & G said...

is this really you? i am pretty sure that i have been looking for you for like 5 years of something - good to know you are still alive :)
i changed my color, it's cooler now.
take care - celina (black) green