Monday, June 26, 2006

First Post

Do you ever want to just tell someone what you had for dinner? I do all the time. I get excited about food, not because I'm a great cook, but just because I love doing it. When I get home from work I often cook to relieve stress and focus my mind back on "home". Cleaning up the mess is another thing entirely.
Well, today I was watching the food network (I don't have cable, but when I go to the gym I always watch the food network while I am working out, unless Oprah's on, but that's for another post) and they were grilling peaches. Well I came home and it was about 5,000 degrees in our house so I decided to grill, and what did I see on the counter but two little ole peaches. Now, it's important to toss them in some sugar before you throw them on the grill, but let me tell you, they were divine. Paul gives two thumbs way up too.

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